Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Carrie Moment

Hey Loves!!! It's been a while and I'm so happy to finally be back! It's been crazy lately and honestly it's been very difficult to obtain photographers so that I may do more posts but I have to deal with what I got. And I finally got at least one chance and had my hubby take some pics. 
Soooooo…my hubby took me to Las Vegas for my Birthday and I have to say it was quite an amazing week. From the food to the entertainment, Vegas is magical! I love everything about it! For some reason, people are a lot nicer there, maybe because most people are drinking by 10am LOL So that definitely tends to put everyone in a better mood. 
I was very particular about choosing my outfits for each night since I don't get the chance to dress up as often as I would like, living in the laid back capital of the world. I had every detail planned out down to the earrings! This particular outfit I wore on our first night to dinner at STK. You must visit this restaurant. There is one down here in Miami which I have been to as well. The food is outstanding and it has a great trendy vibe going on. The music they play is awesome! I was trying to chew my steak and sing at the same time. Not a very lady like thing to do but I couldn't help myself! LOL And my hubby thought it was quite amusing watching me trying to do both.
I wanted a chic look for this night given the atmosphere. I am in love with everything about full skirts. They are so versatile and chic and oh so lady like (not like my chewing and singing). Since it was Vegas, I wanted to bring a little sexy back with this sheer striped crop top while also adding some texture and different prints to the look. Just a little sexy and a whole lot of chic! I totally felt like I stepped out of Carrie Bradshaw's closet in this outfit! You will be seeing lots more of this gorgeous skirt! Happy Tuesday!


Top: Zara (sold out) (similar)
Skirt: The Closet Boutique (similar)
Shoes: Zara (sold out) (similar)
Sequin Clutch: E's Closet
Rings: Kmart (yes your read correctly! They were $3!)
Bracelet and Necklace: Ell and Emm

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