Monday, October 21, 2013

Mixing Prints

There's a lot going on in this outfit! And I must say it has got to be one of my most favorite outfits to date! We got plaid (big fall trend), polka dots, faux leather, studs and bold colors! I purchased these faux leather leggings a couple of months ago for $8 from Charlotte Russe just to get to the free shipping minimum of $30 for a pair of shoes I was already ordering. It turned out to be a great purchase. I love them (and I hate paying for shipping). They are extremely soft and actually keep you cool. 
The jacket, blouse and handbag were random finds at Target. They had nothing to do with eachother but you know what happens at Target comes back home with you! LOL As the ecard says...I went to Target for milk and left with $200 worth of crap and forgot the milk! Well, something like that and I'm sure everyone one of you can relate! I went from having Super Target across the street from my house to having one an hour away! So now when I go, I must hit every corner of the store so that I feel fully satisfied with my Target shopping experience. And honestly, they are really stepping it up. They have such great trendy pieces! It's heaven! 
Now let's go all the way to the bottom of this outfit. I am in LOVE with these shoes! Unfortunately, not every one of us can spend $985 on a pair of Valentino's (my husband would throw a fit), so I opted for a Valentino Rock Stud inspired pair. And I was not disappointed. These are gorgeous! And a great "splurge vs steal" option to the original ones. Have I mentioned how comfortable they are? Well, yes, very comfortable! 


Jacket: Target (buy here)
Blouse: Target (buy here)
Liquid Leggings: Charlotte Russe (buy here)
Pumps: Lulu's (sold out) (similar)
Handbag: Target (buy here)
Necklace: Beauty Mark Miami
Bracelets: The Way We Are, Palest Pink, Hautelook, Justfab and Beauty Mark Miiami
Watch: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom (buy here)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Summer In Fall Favorites Part 3

Happy Friday! It's a great day to finish my Summer In Fall Favorites three part posts. The last couple of items I handpicked are below and ready to be styled.
Let's begin with (9) Slouchy Pants. They're trendy, cute and just plain 'ole comfortable! Like many of the other pieces on my list, they are very versatile. Dress 'em up with heels or down with flats. Even  wear them as loungewear when your relaxing with some flip flops and a tank or oversized sweater. This is definitely a great piece. (10) Colorful/printed flats are next. Great for running errands with the kids, taking them to birthday parties, etc. These can add instant chic to jeans and a tee. 
We don't do much outerwear here in South Florida, but try a (11) light sweater for those 75 degree days. Three quarter sleeves can help deal with heat later in the day, especially if paired with shorts. Add some colorful flats or even booties and your Summer in Fall look will be a hit! 
The last item on my list is one that is making a huge comeback! It's something that you really have to see yourself in so you can appreciate how gorgeous and feminine they are...(12) Full skirts! Don't be afraid of them. You can pair them with a printed blouse or even a t-shirt and add some pumps and you have a look that can take you from work meetings, to happy hour, to a fabulous dinner! These skirts bring out the inner girly girls in all of us. So sweet and simple from such a timeless piece. Below are some of my previous outfits that fall part of my Summer in Fall Favorites Trilogy! 
Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pretty in Pink

As a little followup to my Summer In Fall Favorites Part 2, here is my favorite piece from this list...shift dresses! I absolutely love this trend as I mentioned in the last post because of it's versatility and comfort. I love this Rachel Tunic from E's Closet. It comes in various colors and quite honestly, they are all gorgeous. So pick your fave. These dresses can easily dressed up with pumps and a chunky necklace or belt or dressed down with some cute printed flats or sandals. You can't go wrong. You can find lots more shift dresses here and here.

Happy Tuesday!


Dress: E's Closet (similar)
Necklace: Beauty Mark Miami
Clutch: Justfab
Shoes: Shoedazzle (sold out) (similar)
Double stack rings: Lulus

Monday, October 14, 2013

Summer In Fall Favorites Part 2

I'm back with the continuation of my favorite Fall pieces that you can wear during this Fall heat! Although I must say, this weekend was beautiful and breezy. It was hot but with a cool breeze and was just perfect! But definitely was still hot.
 I want to start with my fave item on this list...(5) shift dresses! What's not to love about this hot trend?! They are soft, airy and oh so versatile. Not to mention you can stuff your face (my usual antics) and not have to worry about sucking in the gut! LOL You can pair them with flats, booties, boots, pumps...and the list goes on! Below is a sneak peak of my next post featuring one of my fave shift dresses and the next item on my list...(6) Pointy Toe Pumps! (try these) You can't go wrong with these in any season and in any color. And again you can wear them with anything from dresses to jeans to shorts. 
I want to make note that these items are my personal choice (not taken from any other list) and they are all meant to be versatile as I like to make purchases that I can use often and in different ways. Which brings me to my next item (7) Blazers. In any color or print (try), these babies are great to enhance a simple day look and adds a touch of class to any outfit whether it be denim or a chiffon skirt. 
My next choice is actually something I always steered clear from...(8) Leather. Why you ask?! Well, because it's always so hot down here. But I think designers have really taken that into consideration and have come up with fabrics that give the leather look but won't melt you into the Land of Oz! Leather leggings (try these), skirts and shorts are so hot right now and they can turn any of your summer print tops into fall ready looks. 
A couple more items are left on my list which I will leave for Part 3 later this week. Happy Monday!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Black and White Basics

Friday is here! I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am! I've had a very long week and I am quite exhausted. Looking forward to not having to wake up early and run around like a mad woman getting everyone ready for school for the next 3 days. I haven't been able to post much and I apologize for that. I haven't even been able to finish my Summer in Fall Favorites Part 2. I promise that will be up on Monday without fail! I have such fun stuff to share with you guys. 
Let's get to todays outfit post. Simple and basic with a pop of color. I'm wearing a basic black tank from BCBGMaxazria that is ultra soft and comfy. It doesn't even feel like you have anything on. So it's still quite hot down here for pants. I wore some the other day and almost melted my life away. I went for my fave chiffon black shorts and had to close the deal with this great vest! I love it! Did you checkout the back detail?! It's gorgeous! You can throw this on top of any simple outfit wether it be jeans, shorts, skirt, dress...anything. I used my lucite wedges (which I am totally in love with) and finished off the look with this bright red handbag from Target. Yes, Target! Can you believe it?! They are really stepping it up! I'm excited to share some of the items from my latest haul. I'm telling you, Target is killing it with chic and trendy (and totally affordable) pieces.
Have a great weekend!


Tank: BCBGMaxazria
Shorts: Marshalls
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Handbag: Target
Necklace: BeautyMarkMiami
Watch: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom (similar)
Arrow bangle: Justfab

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bootie Blues

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I have lots for you guys this week! I wanted to start by showing you a little something I put together based on the Summer in Fall Favorites Part 1 post from last week. I started off with the LBD. I wanted to mix it up a little bit and use this gorgeous cobalt blue hi lo dress (similar and only $10) with some fun booties which are also part of last weeks post. This dress is very lightweight, so it's an easy transitional piece. I wore it over the summer for a night out with Justfabs Delfina sandals and a bright yellow clutch.  Now for fall, I thought these booties, also from Justfab, were great for us that live in the more tropical climate. They can be worn with shorts as well, so you can still sizzle and look hot but not sizzle and break a sweat in this heat! I wanted to add some print so I found this chiffon leopard print scarf in my closet (splurge and steal) and threw it on. Since it's a thin and light fabric, again, it works well with the tropical weather. For cooler weather, you can add a jacket or coat and some tights under the dress to keep warm!
Tomorrow I will be bringing to you Part 2 of my Summer in Fall Favorites. Have a beautiful day my loves!


Dress: Ella Moss (via hautelook)(link above for similar)
Scarf: Vintage (see links above for similar)
Booties: Justfab
Earrings: Beauty Mark Miami

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet and Scary!

October is such a fun month! I love seeing the kids dressed up, all the decorations and best of all...the yummy and creepy treats! As some of you know, I happen to be a baker and an event stylist. I love baking and creating cute and fun treats and love styling them all together! I've created lots of dessert bars over the last couple of years for lots of different occasions. I'm always looking out for fun tutorials and love seeing the final product come together. I will be doing a post soon to showcase some of the dessert bars I've done but in the meantime, let's focus a little on the scariest holiday of the year...Halloween!!!
Last year, I made mummy cake pops! They were a hit with my son's third grade class! Super easy if I might add. I also made mini pumpkins, ghosts, bats and skeleton head cookies. Again super easy and amazingly tasty! I guess it's time I share my secret sugar cookie recipe ::sigh:: if I must! Nah not really a secret. It's Sugarbelle's basic recipe and I have to tell you, forget the icing. These cookies are amazing without it. In fact, my husband always makes me make him an entire batch for him to munch on at work. And I mean an entire batch and none make it back home. Now, the difficult part is the royal icing decorations. I'm not going to lie, it'll take some time to master. Practice makes perfect is a great saying for the work needed here. Make sure you follow Sugarbelle's tutorial on royal icing consistency. This is so important to making your cookie decorations come out perfect. I know it's a little time consuming but trust me, your kids will love you for it. My oldest is always volunteering me to make cake pops, cookies and cupcakes for his class even on non-celebratory days! Ugh! As if I didn't have anything better to do! LOL This year I'm going to try these zombie cookies which are too scary to eat! 

Now on to a new favorite of mine since last year. I've never been too much of a pumpkin lover. But last year, I tried this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes and then I became a pumpkin believer. These cupcakes are amazing! Just the smell makes them worth a try. But seriously, don't just smell them, shove your face in them! Trust me, you'll thank me later for the suggestion!
 I'll be posting random new treats to try throughout the month so look out for those. Below are some pics of fun Halloween stuff I've made. Enjoy! See you tomorrow for Summer In Fall Favorites Part 2! 
Have a Happy Zombie day!


These were the Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes I made last year and my baby absolutely loved them! Here he is trying to steal them! XOXO