Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

Good Morning my loves! Today I'm going to give you an inside look at our Disney vacation. I must say, I am still recovering but it was well worth it. We had an amazing 4 days celebrating my little boys 4th birthday. It was heartwarming to see him so excited every time he saw a character. He would run to all the lines with his autograph book to meet them and have them sign. It was great! All three of my boys really enjoyed it as well as my husband and I, my parents, my grandmother, my mother in law and my sister (my lovely photographer). Yes it was a big group of us! And a great group I might add. My grandmother was a total daredevil riding The Tower of terror and Space Mountain at almost 80 years old! She was loving it. She is visiting here from Cuba for a couple of months so this trip for her was a once in a lifetime dream. Disney…it truly is where dreams come true! Haha kind of corny but the truth. For those of you who live in Florida, the 3 day ticket rates are extremely high and quite honestly, a little ridiculous. Yet the annual passes (go for the seasonal, its a better option for Floridians who don't like to go to Disney during high season) offer better discounts overall. The seasonal pass does have block out dates but for me it just so happens that the block out dates are dates that I wouldn't go anywhere near Orlando due to the huge crowds of people. So it's definitely something you should look into.
I am not a person to say negative things or to "bash" if you will on something. But The Nick Hotel has been my worst hotel experience ever! They will never again see my face there! Upon arrival, the room smelled humid and moldy. It smelled horrible. I had to call for them to spray it down! My two year old was walking barefoot on the rug and his feet were black! Really?! From a rug?! Ofcourse, a dirty moldy rug! And wait…family suites?! No honey, it was small! Surprisingly small! We're talking about rooms with normal rates of over $300 a night! Not to mention, the resort fee, taxes and gratuity they add on nightly. Luckily, I got the rooms a lot less than that and now I know why. I knew it was too good to be true. But anyways, now on to the horrible experience with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza/Italian food buffet. I made reservations over a month before our stay and even ordered a cake for the turtles to sing Happy Birthday to my son. Well, when I checked in, they had all the reservations on little tickets and said mine was not there, that I would have to wait because apparently the computer automatically no-showed some people and charged their credit cards the no-show fee. WHAT?! Wait it gets better…Instead of taking care of the problem immediately, they started attending everyone else and left the people (myself and about 3 other families) just standing there waiting. Meanwhile, the buffet had opened and the line was ridiculously long and the turtles were about to perform, meaning my kids were going to miss the reason I had even gone there in the first place. I finally told them to check the computer for my reservation, not the stupid little slips and holy cow, there it was! Now they started running around "to make it right" like chickens with their heads cut off. They finally setup a table in the middle of the place right where the buffet line was (so we basically had everyones rear ends at eye level) with mismatched chairs and this was only after they walked us in and the hostess had no idea where to sit us. So we stayed standing like morons in the middle of the restaurant while they put together the table. Ugh, writing this is making me mad just remembering! My husband (and a bunch of others) missed the entire show waiting in the buffet line for the one person they had making pasta for everyone. And here's the best part…the food was not all that great. In fact, the room service we ordered the next day was 100 times better than the buffet. I have to admit the boys loved the Ninja Turtle show. If it wasn't for that, I would have walked out. Also, the pools are great. We had a blast there. The Spongebob Character breakfast was a better experience as well. The show was nice and the boys loved all the characters. But again, the food was not what I expected. 
We did have a great character lunch at Hollywood Studios at Hollywood & Vine with the Disney Junior characters. If you have little ones, that watch Disney Junior, they would love this place! And the food was great! I could've eaten from that buffet all weekend. 
Anyways, sorry for the long post. I hope it was helpful in planning any future Orlando vacations. Below are some pics of our trip.

Have a beautiful day!


"See You Real Soon!"

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