Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Blues

It's Friday and I have nowhere to go. Not that I want to go anywhere with 3 boys in this excruciating heat and at the same time they look so comfy watching Bubble Guppies and playing with their toys that why would I disturb them. I've been cleaning and picking up all morning in sweats and a big T-shirt (not to mention my hair looks like my inspiration for the day was Albert Einstein). So needless to say, I'm NOT a sight for sore eyes at this very moment. 
After I finished my janitorial duties, I wanted to (obviously) take a shower and freshen up. While I was deciding whether to wash and blow dry my hair, I remembered a story my best friend told me this week. We talk basically everyday and tell each other the crazy annoying things our kids do to us (she has 3 as well). It's good to have someone you can vent your daily frustrations with and that can relate to you. So anyways, she took her kids to visit her brother and his family for the day, who rented for the summer in the lower Florida Keys (about an hour or so away from me). As she said, the kids had a blast and at the end of the day, she bathed everyone and then wanted to freshen up herself for their two and a half hour drive. When she stepped out of the washroom, her brother looked at her funny and asked "Uh...where are you going?!" Her reply, "Must I look like crap just because I'm driving home??" I will tell you, she was wearing white shorts, a simple sleeveless chiffon top with a bandeau underneath and sandals. Simple, cute and comfy. Now, why did he ask that?? Would he have asked that if she was wearing sweats and a big T-shirt? Because its obvious that's the expected attire for a mother of 3...uh, I think NOT!!! And why?! Why can't she wear what makes her feel and look good? I think we as mothers sometimes have this notion that if we look good, people will think we are not taking good care of our kids. Well, I got news for you! Times have changed! I feel I am more productive and a better, happier mom, when I feel good about myself. So to all the moms out's okay to take a couple of extra minutes for yourself. This won't make you any less of an amazing mother. On the contrary, it will only add to your long list of amazing superhero attributes! 
So thinking about all this made me decide that yes, I was going to blow dry my hair and doll myself up even if I wasn't stepping foot outside of my house. And that's exactly what I did. Although I think I went a little overboard with some red lipstick I was playing around with! My husband looked at me funny when he walked in. LOL But seriously, minus the red lipstick...I decided to go with these striped cut-off shorts and my whale tee (that my 9 year old told me I had to buy when he saw it). I had originally put on sandals but I wanted to be a little fun today and wear wedges at least for a little while! HAHA They made me feel even better on this beautiful but yet uneventful Friday in the Florida Keys!!!

Have a great weekend my beauties!

Whale Tee: Love Culture
Denim Shorts: LC by Lauren Conrad (via Kohl's)
Wedges: Steve Madden (oldie)
Necklace: Palest Pink

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