Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Sales!!!

Good Morning Fashion Lovers!!! It's that time of year again...Summer Sales are everywhere! Beat those Monday blues and go hunting for the perfect summer pieces at discounted prices! I had a sporadic trip, not to the nearest shopping mall but to one of my favorite malls this past Saturday and boy was I happy with my last minute decision. My purpose was to purchase bookbags for my kids but ofcourse I strayed. After I purchased my 9 year olds bookbag and lunchbox (both 30% off) and uniform shorts (originally 29.95, reduced to 24.99, final price was 14.99) at GapKids, I went on to babyGap where I found more uniform cargo shorts for my 3 yr old (originally 24.95, reduced to 14.99, final was 8.99!!!!). Needless to say, I was beyond excited! Let me tell you, inexpensive uniform clothes can be found anywhere but Gap! Their clothes last ages and especially when its school clothes for active boys (and girls ofcourse), we definitely need long lasting items! So if you haven't already gone...GO!!!
Now on to THE Gap. This is where I got even more gitty that I wanted to dance around the mall with everyone I saw! Yes, sales make me overly excited! I left there with 2 pairs of flats and a sweater. I know, I didn't go too crazy, just got the essentials. Not that I needed 2 more pairs of shoes but yes to me they are essentials! haha 
One of my stops included Zara, which was craziness due to the amount of inventory on sale. Unfortunately, a double stroller and 2 cranky toddlers fighting and screaming prevented me from indulging at that particular store. But if you can get to one, maybe during the week when its calmer, you should definitely go. They have lots of stuff online as well.
So in this post, I decided to do this neon lightweight sweater (summer friendly) I got for 14.99 and these gorgeous giraffe print flats which were the huge price of $4.78!!! I kid you not, that was the final price. Beyond. Ecstatic.
I added some cobalt blue skinnies I got a while back from Abercrombie for some colorblocking fun. Don't be afraid to mix colors! Make a statement! 
I finally added some amazing jewelry from Beauty Mark Miami. They have gorgeous and affordable pieces.
Hope you enjoyed my summer sale edition. The other flats I mentioned will be featured sometime this week as well. Make sure to look out for it! Till next time!

Have a beautiful and fabulous day!!!

 Sunglasses: Cole Haan (Via Hautelook)
Sweater: Gap
Flats: Gap
Purse: Vintage
Necklace and Bracelets: Beauty Mark Miami (For inquiries please email, website under construction)

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