Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monochromatic Momma!

Craziness in my house is normal.
This is why I found myself looking for something to keep my creative mind flowing. I knew when I started to google the many ways possible to clean a toilet, I had a problem!
I accepted it and faced it! I chose this specific subject for my first entry for the simple reason that sometimes its exactly how I feel.
Day in and day out, 24-7 with my boys. Same routine everyday and night. Not that I don't love spending time with them but a break is needed now and then. And being a stay at home mom makes it very hard to get that break.
Before I became a "housewife", I was an accounting office manager (talk about monochromatic). Then I got pregnant with my second, gave birth (went back to work part time) and 9 months later was pregnant again with the third (no more work for me at this point)!
Needless to say its been pretty hectic ever since...oh the heck with it! No need to sugar coat life has been completely turned upside down ever since (although I wouldn't have had it any other way). One kid is one thing but 3 is another especially when two of them are toddlers! So my days at the office and expressing my sense of style and personality were over.
Now, on the verge of staying home with just the youngest when school starts, I found myself longing to express my personality again and be my fashionista self!
Yes, I am a mother but I will not sacrifice my personal sense of self and style because of it! And this is why I decided to go forward with this blog. I want to share my personal style and let all the mommas out there know that you can dress cute, fashionable and affordable and still be comfy for running around after the little ones. (I actually once ran across a mall in 4.5 inch wedges to catch my 3 yr old who thought it was funny to run off.)
So trust me, I understand how important it is to be comfortable.
OK, so lets move on to this outfit which I love! Although, I'm not big on black. I'm more of a neutrals and brights kind of gal. Especially living in 80 degree weather year round. Not much fall and winter transitioning here. So black is not very common down here but its still so classic and elegant that there should be atleast some basic items in every girls closet.

Comfy out and about day look with the kids...

Love these black and white striped flats from shoedazzle. Black chiffon top from Drop Boutique in Miami Lakes with some black chiffon scallop trimmed shorts I got at Marshalls (yup, you read correctly) for 14.99! One of my favorite colors is blush. So I added this fab tote which fits everything from diapers to snacks from justfab. Here's a couple of closeups...

Now, let's make this a date night chic look...tuck that blouse in, add some sparkle, and your favorite pumps and clutch to complete this day to night look!
These Betsey Johnson pumps are AMAZING! And surprising not THAT uncomfortable! (haha) I chose blush again as an offset color since it is my fave. You can pick what works best for you. Clutch from aldo, bracelet from brinabox, and the Audrey necklace from ellandemm.
Hope you guys enjoyed my first post! I know I sure enjoyed putting it together. 'Till the next one...
Have a gorgeous and fabulous day!
P.S. I promise I won't babble on so much in future posts!


  1. i sooooo loved it ...... especially how you traditions it from day to night.... i am so desperate and in need of some major HELP !! since becoming a mommy and a kinder teacher its like I've lost what little bit of fashion sense if any that i may of had lol......... i feel trapped in this rut in which i feel no right to look great because of my job titles were the stigma once was if you look too go when being a mommy or primary teacher you must not be doing a good job in either and i now realize that this is def not applicable to todays mommies and i love that you are a proven fact of that keep it going. looking forward to future post......

    1. No my friend! You do not need to feel that you are in a rut. And on the contrary, if you look good, you feel good and you are more productive in your daily life and rolls of mother, teacher and wife! Your energy will transmit to those children you are teaching and they will know that you are truly happy with yourself and with your surroundings. They and your own children look up to you so you have motivation show them that feeling good about yourself is very important! You can put some outfits together when you have some free time, and take pictures. That way, when your in a rush, you know exactly what to grab that will look great!