Monday, September 16, 2013

Beating the heat in style!

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I must say, I had planned to head over to Target this morning to check out the new 3.1 Phillip Lim Collection but thanks to this horrible rain, I am stuck inside. Since the nearest Target is about 40 minutes away, it's a bit of a trip and definitely not want to make under heavy rain. Such a big change for me, since I used to have Target literally across the street from my house when I lived in Broward. It was a hard adjustment saying bye bye to Target on an everday basis LOL. I've had lots of withdrawals ever since! But like everything, I adapted! But definitely you must check out the collection, if you haven't done so already. 
Last Friday was so hot! It feels like it's never going to cool down! But then again, it never really cools down too much here in South Florida. So I shouldn't be surprised. I know we all want to bust out the Uggs and jackets and scarves, oh my!, LOL But we should've considered living a little bit more up North if we wanted all four seasons. So in the meantime, dress with what you've got! Which is a whole lot of heat! 
Maybe you guys are a little tired of seeing this top, but I love it! And quite frankly, regular people wear their tops multiple times LOL. Not that the other ones aren't regular, but I for one, like to enjoy an item of clothing I particularly love as much as possible. So any chance to wear it, I take it! So back to the heat! Since it was in the high 90's, I decided to style my peplum top with these high waisted cut off shorts and olive tone wedges. Since shades of green are a big trend for the fall, I chose these particular wedges to add a touch of fall to my summery cool outfit. I chose this rose gold long necklace to complement the olive tone in the wedges, again giving it a little touch of fall. It also adds a little edge to the girly cuteness of the peplum top. If you want a complete fall look, maybe a little bit further into fall and probably even winter, try some boyfriend jeans, booties, and a leather jacket to make this peplum top completely fall ready! Hmmmmmm...look out for that in the near future on here! 


Peplum Top: Maison Blanche (via Hautelook)
Denim Shorts: Zara
Necklace: Palest Pink
Wedges: Levity (pretty old) (via DSW)
Sunglasses: Micheal Kors 
Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton

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