Monday, September 9, 2013

Date Night Chic

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share with you guys my date night look from this past Saturday. I was so excited and looking forward to a night out on the town with the hubby and NO KIDS!!! Not that I don't like spending every single waking hour with them but a break is much needed every now and then for some adult only time. My husband and I were in desperate need of it. So we headed to Miami for the weekend to my parents house. The kids love going to their abuelo and abuela's house so it was easy to slip away! Forget slipping away, we ran out the door!!! LOL So anyways, we went by our friends condo, which he just moved to and happened to be right in front of the restaurant we were headed to. Had a drink there while we waited for another couple friend of ours and then walked over to "Crazy About You". Super cute and trendy bar and restaurant. I was impressed with the decor and atmosphere. Very nice! The food was good. Not the best I've had but it was good. But what really makes this place is the atmosphere and location. You can sit outside and dine right on the bay. It's stunning! Although I chose to sit inside because it is still extremely hot down here, therefore I was not too excited about sweating while I ate dinner. That's just me, so I chose inside. 
Now to the outfit details! My style has changed a lot since my twenties. Not that 31 is old at all, but after a husband and 3 kids, obviously some things change. I wanted something chic and sexy but not too sexy. Honestly, I'm all about comfort now. And you can dress nice and be comfortable at the same time. So don't sacrifice style for comfort, you can totally do both. Who doesn't love a black pencil skirt?! There's just so many uses for it. It never goes out of style or gets old. This Zara one was only $25.90. Great price for a great piece. The top is also from Zara and was also inexpensive. I love the floral print and the lace on the back makes it elegant and romantic. I added some color with this super cute and again, inexpensive clutch from Nine West and finished off with my fave white sandals. I know your probably thinking, Why white shoes?? Well, it would be the norm to do black or even beige but I felt like both of those colors would just fade into the outfit. And fading doesn't work for me. So I did white to make the shoe stand out aside from the outfit as a whole. I loved the final look! I hope you did too!
Check back next week to see how I wore this same floral top for a "running around with the kids" look!


 Had to include one with the hubby although it was like pulling teeth to get him to take a picture! He hates pictures!!! LOL
Top, Skirt and Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Nine West
Bracelet: Brina Box
Ring: Vintage

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