Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet and Scary!

October is such a fun month! I love seeing the kids dressed up, all the decorations and best of all...the yummy and creepy treats! As some of you know, I happen to be a baker and an event stylist. I love baking and creating cute and fun treats and love styling them all together! I've created lots of dessert bars over the last couple of years for lots of different occasions. I'm always looking out for fun tutorials and love seeing the final product come together. I will be doing a post soon to showcase some of the dessert bars I've done but in the meantime, let's focus a little on the scariest holiday of the year...Halloween!!!
Last year, I made mummy cake pops! They were a hit with my son's third grade class! Super easy if I might add. I also made mini pumpkins, ghosts, bats and skeleton head cookies. Again super easy and amazingly tasty! I guess it's time I share my secret sugar cookie recipe ::sigh:: if I must! Nah not really a secret. It's Sugarbelle's basic recipe and I have to tell you, forget the icing. These cookies are amazing without it. In fact, my husband always makes me make him an entire batch for him to munch on at work. And I mean an entire batch and none make it back home. Now, the difficult part is the royal icing decorations. I'm not going to lie, it'll take some time to master. Practice makes perfect is a great saying for the work needed here. Make sure you follow Sugarbelle's tutorial on royal icing consistency. This is so important to making your cookie decorations come out perfect. I know it's a little time consuming but trust me, your kids will love you for it. My oldest is always volunteering me to make cake pops, cookies and cupcakes for his class even on non-celebratory days! Ugh! As if I didn't have anything better to do! LOL This year I'm going to try these zombie cookies which are too scary to eat! 

Now on to a new favorite of mine since last year. I've never been too much of a pumpkin lover. But last year, I tried this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes and then I became a pumpkin believer. These cupcakes are amazing! Just the smell makes them worth a try. But seriously, don't just smell them, shove your face in them! Trust me, you'll thank me later for the suggestion!
 I'll be posting random new treats to try throughout the month so look out for those. Below are some pics of fun Halloween stuff I've made. Enjoy! See you tomorrow for Summer In Fall Favorites Part 2! 
Have a Happy Zombie day!


These were the Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes I made last year and my baby absolutely loved them! Here he is trying to steal them! XOXO

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