Monday, October 14, 2013

Summer In Fall Favorites Part 2

I'm back with the continuation of my favorite Fall pieces that you can wear during this Fall heat! Although I must say, this weekend was beautiful and breezy. It was hot but with a cool breeze and was just perfect! But definitely was still hot.
 I want to start with my fave item on this list...(5) shift dresses! What's not to love about this hot trend?! They are soft, airy and oh so versatile. Not to mention you can stuff your face (my usual antics) and not have to worry about sucking in the gut! LOL You can pair them with flats, booties, boots, pumps...and the list goes on! Below is a sneak peak of my next post featuring one of my fave shift dresses and the next item on my list...(6) Pointy Toe Pumps! (try these) You can't go wrong with these in any season and in any color. And again you can wear them with anything from dresses to jeans to shorts. 
I want to make note that these items are my personal choice (not taken from any other list) and they are all meant to be versatile as I like to make purchases that I can use often and in different ways. Which brings me to my next item (7) Blazers. In any color or print (try), these babies are great to enhance a simple day look and adds a touch of class to any outfit whether it be denim or a chiffon skirt. 
My next choice is actually something I always steered clear from...(8) Leather. Why you ask?! Well, because it's always so hot down here. But I think designers have really taken that into consideration and have come up with fabrics that give the leather look but won't melt you into the Land of Oz! Leather leggings (try these), skirts and shorts are so hot right now and they can turn any of your summer print tops into fall ready looks. 
A couple more items are left on my list which I will leave for Part 3 later this week. Happy Monday!


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