Friday, October 18, 2013

Summer In Fall Favorites Part 3

Happy Friday! It's a great day to finish my Summer In Fall Favorites three part posts. The last couple of items I handpicked are below and ready to be styled.
Let's begin with (9) Slouchy Pants. They're trendy, cute and just plain 'ole comfortable! Like many of the other pieces on my list, they are very versatile. Dress 'em up with heels or down with flats. Even  wear them as loungewear when your relaxing with some flip flops and a tank or oversized sweater. This is definitely a great piece. (10) Colorful/printed flats are next. Great for running errands with the kids, taking them to birthday parties, etc. These can add instant chic to jeans and a tee. 
We don't do much outerwear here in South Florida, but try a (11) light sweater for those 75 degree days. Three quarter sleeves can help deal with heat later in the day, especially if paired with shorts. Add some colorful flats or even booties and your Summer in Fall look will be a hit! 
The last item on my list is one that is making a huge comeback! It's something that you really have to see yourself in so you can appreciate how gorgeous and feminine they are...(12) Full skirts! Don't be afraid of them. You can pair them with a printed blouse or even a t-shirt and add some pumps and you have a look that can take you from work meetings, to happy hour, to a fabulous dinner! These skirts bring out the inner girly girls in all of us. So sweet and simple from such a timeless piece. Below are some of my previous outfits that fall part of my Summer in Fall Favorites Trilogy! 
Enjoy your weekend!


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