Monday, August 5, 2013

Edgy Floral

Floral is girly. We all think floral and you automatically picture a little girl with a cute a-line dress and gorgeous flowy hair with a flower wreath on her head skipping through a meadow of daisies while songs from The Sound of Music play in the background! Admit it, you totally just pictured that! LOL Well, at least now I have your attention! So yes, I love anything floral print. I could totally incorporate floral into any part of my daily looks just because I love it so much. But for this look, I wanted to make it a little edgy. Like...I'm cute and girly, but I can still knock your teeth out if you mess with me!!! So I came up with this outfit. This floral bustier is amazing and so versatile! I've worn it in so many different ways. And playing around with these great high waist drawstring pants from The Kardashian Kollection, I came across this playful yet tough (and might I add totally affordable) combination and ended up loving it! Ladies, I must tell you, these pants are SO comfortable! I totally recommend them. Now to finish off my edgy floral look, I added these gorgeous lucite wedges. I was a little skeptical at first about this whole lucite look but once I put them on, I was won over! Finished with this great statement necklace and my look was complete!

Have a fabulous day!

Floral Bustier: Love Culture
Drawstring Pants: Kardashian Kollection
Wedges: Shoedazzle
Necklace: Ell and Emm
Wristlet: Vintage Juicy Couture

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  1. u are totally inspiring me to get dolled up even if I'm just staying home with my crazies........ thank you for inspiring me !!