Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Ready Maxis

Happy Monday and happy second week of school for all the kiddies! It was a tough first week getting everyone (including myself) back into the routine but we made it through well. I am happy to report that my 3 year old is adjusting amazingly to Prek3. He wakes up easily and happy to get ready to go to school. Walks holding his older brothers hand and kisses us all good bye and walks into his class like a big boy! I'm so proud! I am predicting next year won't be so easy with my "super attached to me" 3 year old. As we latins like to say, he has major "mamamitis". But I'll deal with that one when the time arrives.
Today, we're talking about summer maxis. We all think of them as a summer staple piece but why not a fall or winter piece? Where I live, summer is year round. So it makes it easy to continue wearing these summer pieces well into fall and winter! With a little addition of fall colors, these soft, flowing skirts can do you good all year long! This particular maxi skirt I chose is great because you can actually adjust the length by wearing it as a high waist skirt or you can pull it down and show a little more skin. I chose high waist since I am on the way shorter side! And how about that color?! Peach is so girly and fun! I wore this with a floral bustier back in May for my husbands birthday party and was the perfect summer outfit for those hot summer nights. Now, I want to continue wearing it well after labor day so I paired it with this black 3/4 sleeve crop top along with a little black clutch and these Gucci heels that are and forever will be my guilty pleasure! I got these a couple years back at the Gucci store in Atlantis (Bahamas), and I've been in love ever since. They were definitely a splurge but not so bad when it was really a little Blackjack fun that got me them! HAHA!!! So back to the maxis, don't shove them in the back of your closet! Add some fall touches to them, and head out the door!
Have a fabulous day!

Crop Top and Maxi Skirt: Love Culture
Purse: Vintage
Necklace: Shoedazzle
Shoes: Gucci


  1. I love this outfit!!!

  2. i love this look amiga !!!!! soooo beautiful